About Us

About Us

K&A Realty functions on the principle of providing quality real estate service to its clients.  We realise that everyone is unique and has different needs. That is why we deliver personalised, trustworthy, efficient and professional services. Our experienced team will always place you at the centre of the process to ensure that your needs are fulfilled. We dedicate ourselves to helping our clients by going the extra mile and the company ethos is “Service without Compromise”. With a passion for real estate, the whole K&A Realty team will enjoy helping you achieve your dreams.

At K&A Realty we have embraced cutting edge technology and more creative ways to market your property to buyers. We are not confined to just one or two traditional methods but use social networking and new technology to achieve the best result for our clients. We know that today’s buyers are more intelligent and sophisticated and that they expect an immediate response to their queries. That is why our high performance agents will reply within minutes of getting an enquiry.

When you choose our property management services, you are making a choice for the best in the industry. We take the worries out of looking after your property. From excellent tenant selection, to zero tolerance for late rental payment and getting onto repairs and maintenance in time, our property managers have the skills to handle it all. We have a very simple fee structure, that is easy to understand, and our costs are amongst the lowest in the industry.

At K&A Realty, we do more than just sell houses and manage properties.  Providing services to you, our clients, is our priority.  Our quarterly property update brings you local property news and more for your area.  We are interested in what is of interest to you.

When you choose K&A Realty to sell your home or for property management, you can rest assured that your most valued investment is in good hands. We are confident when we say that no one can match our service, so why not put us to the test? Call K&A realty today for an informal chat.